Title: NICU Evaluation and Treatment


Course Level: Intermediate Level

Program Description

This presentation will follow a powerpoint format via Zoom. The focus will be on neonatal developmental care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The road leading up to discharge for an infant - and their family - in the NICU can be a long and complex journey. The role of the SLP as a neonatal therapist will be discussed to promote overall neurodevelopmental care and strategies to decrease stress in the NICU. While neurodevelopmental care aims to offer positive experiences for the infant, the main focus of this presentation will be on feedings in the NICU. A major goal for discharge is the ability to complete all feedings by mouth to meet nutrition needs. Historically, volume-driven feeding practices are typical and prominent in many NICUs. These strategies may push the infant to complete a feeding at scheduled times despite cues from the infant that indicate they are no longer an active participant in the feeding, or caregiver modifications, such as increasing a bottle flow rate, may be utilized (Shaker, 2013). These types of feeding can be stressful for the preterm/sick newborn infant. Speech-language pathologists who work in the NICU aim to promote cue-based, infant-directed feedings. Cue-based feedings include selecting a controllable flow rate for the infant, reading the infant’s cues for engagement, modifying positions and ultimately monitoring the infant’s engagement during feedings. Therefore, this presentation will discuss cue-based feedings, as well as assessment & treatment of feeding/swallowing in the NICU (Shaker, 2013; Puckett et. al., 2008).


Presenter: Kari Yanez


I am a Speech-Language Pathologist currently working in El Paso, Texas. I completed my undergraduate studies at The University of Texas at Austin and my graduate studies at The University of Texas at El Paso. I work for HCA and have experiences in acute care, outpatient pediatrics as well as some home health pediatric experiences. I work in the neonatal intensive care unit and have dedicated time to education and promotion of neurodevelopmental care.



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NICU - Evaluation and Treatment

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